Hire me

I am currently looking for a job as I was made redundant in August 2022 due to the changing economic climate. Here is some of the feedback I received from my team:

I’ve been super impressed by your attitude, drive, focus on learning and supporting others, and openness — it’s so sad to lose such a great colleague from the company.

I’m really sad to see you go, it’s been great having you on the team. The amount of growth you’ve shown in the short time you’ve been here has been amazing to see!

I am so happy to work alongside you. You have such good energy and joy. I like how you are always smiling and bring such a good vibe. You are very humble and patient and always looking to understand everything.

What I can offer you

Technical skills

  • Scala
  • Typelevel (Cats, Cats effect, Http4s, Doobie, fs2)
  • Play framework
  • ScalaTest and ScalaMock
  • Event sourcing with Kafka and Kinesis
  • Postgres
  • AWS and GCP
  • Git / GitHub
  • GitHub Actions / TeamCity
  • sbt
  • Bash
  • data structures


Areas I want to improve on

  • Typelevel libraries, in particular Cats, Cats Effect, Http4s, Doobie and fs2
  • Testing philosophies
  • Tagless final and other important programming patterns
  • Architecture design and scoping new work
  • Foundational knowledge such as data structures and design systems

Here is my LinkedIn profile and CV.

What I am looking for in a new job


Ideally I would like to write Scala with Typelevel libraries, but I am also open to writing other languages. More important to me are the programming patterns my team and I employ. I care deeply about disciplined patterns that make our applications robust, but also easy to read and follow. I like well thought out testing philosophies.

I welcome work with engineers who enjoy teaching. It’s important to me that I am given flexibility to complete work whilst also taking time to deepen my learning.

I want to work with strong product and engineering managers who are good at prioritising work to be done and communicating with stakeholders conservative deadlines. I do not wish to work in teams without engaged product and engineering managers.

I enjoy contributing to open source and speaking at conferences. I would love to work in an engineering department with engineers that do the same.


I work 100% remotely ideally with the opportunity to access a London office. I would like to work in a remote-first company.

I would like a company that values engineering and is not highly dependent on external funding.

Contact me

Email (amina dot adewusi at gmail dot com) or twitter is great!